Problems are guidelines, not stop signs!

Problems are guidelines, not stop signs!
-Robert H. Schuller

Quote means that problem is not a disaster, but an opportunity to change something in your life. How so? There are three simple steps for you.

1. Write the problem

Write the problem down on paper or on some other surface where it can be easily seen or remembered. Put this reminder up where you will see it every day until the problem is solved. If possible, show your reminder to others who may be able or willing to help you solve it. You may want to repeat this step often until the problem is solved.

2. Analyze the problem

Analyze the problem, identifying what caused it and how it operates. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • How did the problem begin?
  • What steps led up to it?
  • How long has the problem been around?
  • Why has it not gone away?
  • How can I best describe it?
  • How would others describe it?

3.Formulate a plan of action

Formulate a plan of action that will solve your problem or improve your situation. Decide what you can do to overcome the problem, beginning now. If your plan requires help from others ask for it now.

This is a very simple and effective method for solving problems and improving situations, and there is no limit to its use.

Final thoughts:

Don’t give up on your plan of action until you have given it a fair chance to work. Do what you can on your own, then ask others for help when you need it. If the problem is still not solved, study it again and try another step that will solve or improve your situation.