How You Lose People In Your Life

This Is How You Lose People In Your Life

Losing someone hurts, but this is a truth we lose people. Many people come and go every day in our life either, for work, friendship, relationship, or maybe a family. Every person in your life plays its own role. Sometimes we are expecting too much from them and in return, they give us just a little and then we start thinking differently and we are about to lose them. Do you ever think about your priorities? Sometimes we prefer things more than people and that point where we start losing people.

It’s all about priorities:

It’s about how you give attention to your relations. Every relation wants attention. There is always a person who are with you though your thick and thin and when you done with them your priorities start to change. Do you ever think how selfish it is? Of course! Life is not same all the time. But you should remain same with your loved once. Because they are the most important part of your life and when you start ignoring them, you will lose them. Change your priorities otherwise you will be there all alone. Remember, people matters rather things .

Here are some reason, because of which we start losing people:

Smartphone or social media:

Smartphone or social media become more important than people, yeah! We love our smartphone or friends, we are socially connected with. Social Media Addiction is not a formal clinical diagnosis, it is fair to say that many people spend far too much time on social media.

Ask yourself about how much time you spend on the internet rather than your family? Many people, including us, we all love to spend time with our phones because of that we start ignoring people who are there, in front of us. We ignore them, every relation wants time and proper attention. But we waste our time on that person who we can say a fantasy too. They are away from us and when we need someone for the solution of our problems, we start looking here and there to help and our loved ones are there for the help. Admit it, you are responsible for half of your own ignorance.

Although, socializing is not bad, but giving too much your time to is bad. Because of it, you will lose the real persons who are important for your life.

Selfish and dishonest behaviour:

Selfish and dishonest behaviour is also a reason you find yourself all alone.

We are part of society was nothing more important than our self. Self-love is also important to become a successful person, but too much involvement in yourself makes you selfish. Selfishness also comes from dishonesty. Every time you decide to become with people you are ending up with the losses. This is a type of loss you never set again. A selfish person always is a one who not only love their own selves, but who only want their own success and need others to do work for them.  A relationship without honesty is a relationship that is bound to fail. Every time when breaking someone trust you lose people. Remember

one who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much. And one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest In much.”

Dishonesty is a protective device that people often use because they are afraid, to tell the truth, fearing that the other person will be hurt, writes Dale.

Lying habit ruins relationship, if you want your love once around you. Then trust me your lying habit will keep you away from your them Any destructive habit leads to painful consequences. When we choose to lie, we choose to suffer. Listen to the words of Jennifer: I was lied to my whole life by my mother.Every day it was something new. After living with her for 14 years, I sometimes find myself exaggerating, and making up stories to seem cool. I don’t ever want to be like my mother, so how do I stop before I hurt my family, friends, and myself?”

Think about what the other person would feel about you if they knew you were lying. Think about how you would feel if people lied to you all the time. And then, as painful as it may seem, tell the truth. The more we tell others the truth, the easier it is to continue to do it. Lying is a bad habit. Telling the truth is a good habit.

People who lie lose two things

  1. You
  2. The habit of saying the truth.

Don’t lie to your loved one if you want them to stay around you.