“Unless You Learn To Face Your Own Shadows, You Will continue To See Them In Others, Because The World Outside You Is Only A Reflection Of The world inside you.”

The ‘shadow’ is the side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself.Your shadow is the most important part of you because it’s the most personal part of you. Your shadow side would be all of the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you suppress and hide in order to keep yourself safe.

The person you see as a shadow can only see you through the shadow of someone else. Your shadow is simply a reflection of your self-image.

5 Ways to Face Your Shadow

1. Get out of  shame:

Shame is a soul-eating emotion.” – Carl Jung

Dealing with shame is very hard. It’s like the biggest burden a person can ever carry. It’s not easy to experience, because it’s the first thing that falls upon you.

Putting your soul back into yourself by confronting your shadow helps eliminate or at least reduce shame. Don’t think, Don’t feel shame too much. Go for a walk. Take your time and explore the landscape around you. Watch birds and butterflies and see what happens to them.

2. Talk with supportive person:

Talking with supportive person who you trust will help you to keep your head straight and stay away from disturbing thoughts. Oftentimes, this person may be someone close to you, and they’ll get you feeling safe.

3. Laugh at yourself:

Try something you haven’t done in a long time. Try a new food. They may not be happy, but they could give you a deeper perspective on what you need to do to turn your life around. The more times you laugh at yourself, the more you will realize how you lost your way. Feel connected. Take the time to get to know yourself, the people around you, your family, your friends. This will also help you to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings.

4. Write in a journal.

Writing in a journal really helps you face your shadow better, especially if you go through a period where you have no motivation for self-improvement.  Doing things in a journal helps you remember and build mental habits. It helps you motivate yourself to live by your word, and it shows your progress to others. If you’re going to do anything else with your life, practice journalism regularly.

5. Gain self Acceptance

Self acceptance is to acknowledge that we are the source of all the negative behavior in our lives and have to acknowledge how hurt we have created ourselves through our actions. Going into the morning, I can see the shadow I’ve caused, as the dream character admits she/he “made it up”. Doing these rituals and exercises should increase our self acceptance, letting us be present and recognizing where we’re coming from, and what’s really going on.