If You Aren’t Willing To Start Today, You Aren’t Ready To Change Your Life

If You Aren’t Willing To Start Today, You Aren’t Ready To Change Your Life

We all want a positive and productive change in our lives. But do we really try to work for the change? Maybe yes or otherwise, no. Bitter, but a wise truth, we want everything in the cost of nothing. We should know that today is the best day for doing something for a change but we make excuses. We give lame excuses to ourselves for not to become productive. For instance: we know that exercise is good for our health and we should do some exercise daily. But we make excuses for not doing exercises. It is just because we think we are comfortable in our own little bubble. We don’t know that being comfortable does not allow for growth. There are always some hurdles or difficulties in starting something new or else. But someday we have to start it, then why not today. What we are waiting for, today is the best day. We should change our perspective towards our life. Allow your own behavior to be active and keep your own behavior positive because it is only you, who will change your own life. Be the writer of your own story.

A wise saying that goes:

“The best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The second best time is now.”

Here is some idea’s to create your own story.

1. What’s your story?

Go through to our own life story you have passed away. Your past was in the past, but it can give impact you today. Maybe it’s your past who doesn’t allow your behavior for a change or starting something new. But remember the past has gone and tomorrow is waiting for you. Being productive today is the only thing, you can do for your better future. Nothing is permanent. You can create your own story anytime you want. You can change anything at any time. If you stop making excuses. Excuses such as you’re too old or too young. You are the only responsible for your own life. It’s up to you how it is going to end.

“At any given moment, you have the power to say: this is not how the story is going to end.”
— Christine Mason Miller

2. Active Surroundings:

Are you completely OK with your surroundings? No. When you want a change in your life, look out the surroundings you are with because active surroundings make you an active person. If you choose to live with an irresponsible peep you will go to regret your decision. It’s your choice to select the people who give positive energy to live with. Try to live in that kind of atmosphere where you found motivational things who push you up and give you a strength of starting of new things today.

I have found it’s a lot more interesting when I make choice by myself.

3. Change your perspective to change your life:

It’s all about belief, your beliefs are your power.
 “Believe  you can, and you’re halfway there”. 

Think about the goals you set. You have to work hard for achieving that goal because no goal is too big if you are serious about achieving that goal. Have a look on your goals to set that why it is important for you? What will you get? Because if it is a thing with positivity go for it today.

4. Remember that it’s not how many mistakes you’ve made, but what you learn from them that defines you:

There are many reasons for not admitting our mistakes, but you learn from your mistake only when you admit it. Admit this that the decision you always make is not right. It can be wrong sometimes and just because you made a silly mistake yesterday you are willing to ruin your today. The fear of making mistakes holds you up for steak any decision today. Convenience yourself that not every decision is a mistake. You have to move on for today because the future is still there waiting for you. Start practicing today for better tomorrow. Didn’t let you yesterday decide your’s tomorrow and take a step today.

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done
-Thomas Jefferson.

5. Now or never:

Do it now or never. Sometimes there is a second chance, sometimes there is no chance. There is a step to follow for doing something immediately like a set goal, collect possibilities to achieve it, understand your decision making power and then just do it, if you wait for tomorrow than remember one thing, sometimes later becomes never. Do you ever face a situation where you have to start something like dieting, and you just think that I will start it after a week, I want to enjoy this week in eating freely but you that next week will never come.

Many people fail to follow through with their dreams, simply because they don’t have the right mindset to get them to success. Some don’t pick the right goals, some aren’t willing to dive out of their comfort zones, and others succumb to negativity. Before you jump into any project, lifestyle change, decision, etc., you have to make sure that you are prepared to succeed.

There’s an old joke where a man says, “I really want to go to medical school, but it takes at least seven years–and I’ll be 50 in seven years!” A wise friend replies, “And how old will you be in seven years if you don’t go?”

Remember, the winners aren’t people who never fail, but people who never quit. It’s important to never let success get to your head or failure to your heart.

”Act before its too late”.