Positive VS Negative motivation

It’s not uncommon that Humans are struggling every day with motivation. For most people, it’s hard to understand what kind of motivation they are facing nowadays. They start their working by thinking of motivation,  but they don’t understand which kind of motivation they are using negative motivation or positive motivation.

The scientist seems to define motivation as the willingness to do something. It can be a negative or positive doing. When we are about to doing something, we get motivation for doing such a task.

Every action relates to our thoughts. Psychologists believe that the basis of human behavior is the stick and carrot the mind associates with different activities. Every decision and behavior is rooted in the mind’s perception of pleasure and pain.

Based on the above information, there are two methods of motivation by which we can motivate ourselves, these are  Positive and negative motivation. Positive motivation gives rewards and Negative motivation gives pain

What is positive motivation?

Positive motivation is a technique in which a person is rewarded for accomplishing a certain task or changing a particular behavior.

This type of motivation is called reward motivation. The reward lies in the immediate and distant future. When you have the visualization of yourself with the reward, is that motivates you. The rewards can be a long term and a short term. When it comes to a short term reward your motivation will be much higher.

For instance: if you are doing a job and you get your salary monthly and if you do over time you will get that pay immediately. Your motivation level becomes higher because of the short term reward.

When it comes to a long term goal, it can be difficult to maintain motivation, when the reward is so far away. If you can do your long term goals into a short term action. Motivation level will be up.

What is negative motivation?

Negative motivation is an act of punishment. This occurs when an action is taken to avoid experiencing pain or failure. Negative motivation means running away from pain.

For instance: if the student studied hard for not to fail is a negative thought process because he doesn’t want to achieve success. This is the fear of failure, which causes negative motivation. On the other, positive motivation is expecting a reward.

However, one important factor to consider while negatively motivating yourself is your capacity to tolerate pain. If you are able to bear a lot of pain and your threshold is high, then negative motivation is not good for you.

On the other hand, if you have a low pain tolerance such as you can’t bear so much pain and your threshold is also low then negative motivation would be perfect for you.

Difference between negative and positive motivation:

• Negative motivation is rooted in fear while positive motivation is rooted in service

•  The difference between negative and positive motivation is the difference between surviving and living.

•  If you are a positively motivated your action will most likely have a positive outcome. On the other, if you are negatively motivated, your action will have an undesirable negative outcome.

•  Negative motivation can be self damaging and positive motivation can be self confidence.

•  When you are running from something, then you are negatively motivated and the positive one will be run for something.

When to use negative motivation:

Negative motivation works only if the person knows that escapement channels are available. For example a boss never shouts at his employees when they make mistakes without first showing him how to do things correctly. If the person knows how to freedom, then negative motivation is going to be effective.

Which one is better?

So, which of the two types of motivation work better? Tons of things motivate us. We cannot analyze them all. A lot of emotion fuels us with motivation. All the emotions among scarcity, abundance, satisfaction, love etc. All those needs motivation, but we should use wisely both of them when the need arises. Both do the same job, which is driving you to pursue certain things.

However, people who are unstoppable or top-notch in their fields are always motivated positively. Positive motivation is the new level or the upgrade the negative one. It’s what makes us flourish as humans, seeking excellence. Negative motivation is a survival device, it comes across when we around of some negativity. Negative motivation made you mediocre. Control your emotion, so you can control the kind of motivation that drives you.

It definitely takes a lot of practice and learning to finally reach the point mastering your own emotion so you can motivate yourself positively or negatively at will.

It completely depends on you which type of motivation you use it’s depend on the situation you are facing in your life. I personally prefer a positive one.