10 Alternative Uses for Pencils You’ll Love

In a world where we type more and write less, pencils can feel forgotten. But I’m here to remind you why they’re still awesome! Check out these 10 cool reasons, with some fun ways to use pencils you might not have thought of. Pencils might seem old-school, but they’re actually super useful and look pretty cool too, in my opinion. Let’s rediscover the magic of pencils together!

Here are ten unconventional ways you can use pencils:

1. Emergency Screwdriver

In a pinch, the blunt end of a pencil can serve as a makeshift screwdriver for small screws, like those on eyeglasses or battery compartments.

2. Cable Organizer

Glue several pencils together in a row, and you have a handy cable organizer. Simply wrap cords around the pencils to keep them tidy and prevent tangling.

3. Plant Support

Place a pencil next to a young plant and gently tie the stem to it for support as it grows. This can be especially useful for delicate plants like seedlings or flowers.

4. Hair Accessory

Decorate pencils with colorful ribbons, beads, or fabric and use them as unique hair accessories, like hair sticks or bun holders.

5. Impromptu Level

Need to hang a picture or shelf straight? Place a pencil horizontally on top of the object; if it rolls, the surface isn’t level.

 6. Zipper Pull Replacement:

If a zipper pull breaks off, thread a pencil through the hole and use it as a temporary replacement until you can fix or replace the zipper.

7. Artistic Tool

 Create interesting textures and patterns in your drawings or paintings by using the end of a pencil eraser as a stamp or stencil.

8. Doorstop

In a drafty room, place a pencil under a door to prop it open just enough to improve airflow without fully blocking the doorway.

  • 9. Game Piece

    Use pencils as game tokens for homemade board games or as makeshift game pieces in a pinch when you’re missing the originals.

    10. Self-Defense

    In dire situations, a sharpened pencil can serve as a makeshift weapon for self-defense. Though not ideal, the pointed end can be used to deter an attacker if necessary.