Amazing Benefits of Sleeping With Onions on Your Feet

Putting onions in your socks may seem strange but in reality it is a cure for infections like cold or flu. Have you ever thought that you would turn to onions to fight the flu? In this post I will talk to you about the use of onions against colds, flu and bacteria and explain their benefits.

Did you know that sleeping with a slice of onion on your feet may help with fevers, colds and even the flu? Well it’s true. The compound allicin found in this humble vegetable has been known to reduce inflammation which helps fight off illness!

Why the feet?

But why the feet? There is a vast amount of nerve endings in this area, and it’s believed that by sleeping with onions on your soles you can transfer their benefits throughout your body. It sounds like an interesting idea!

Is it dangerous?

If you have the flu and are willing to try anything, then this might be just what your body needs. Putting onions in their socks is unlikely going hurt them as there haven’t been any reports of harm from such practices (for now).

How to put onions on your feet before bed

Here are some steps:

1. Take an onion (red or white), cut into thin and flat slices, make sure its organic if possible because of pesticides that could be harmful in side effects such fungal infections

2.Place the slice inside socks then go off as usual for restful slumber.

3. The next morning, take the onion out your socks and throw it in the trash can.

If you are suffering from hard skin growths on the bottom of your feet, such as corns and onion can also help remove them while we sleep. First soak a slice of raw onion in vinegar before placing it atop one corn during bedtime so that both acids work their way deep inside resulting in softening up tough dead layers to make sloughing off easier when using pumice stone or foot file!

Antibacterial properties of onions

The antibacterial properties of onions make them a great addition to your diet. They work in the same way as garlic, but with less research being done on their effects and benefits than that of garlic’s had been previously.

Dr. Joe Schwarcz, a professor from McGill University’s Office for Science and Society says that onions feature ‘chemicals with antimicrobial activity including sulfur-based compounds’ That means you can cut down on those pesky germs!

Nutritional benefits of an onion

The onion is a nutritional powerhouse. Onions are a food with many nutritional benefits. They can help your body fight infection and inflammation as well as acting against bad cholesterol levels in the blood stream to promote better health overall.

One important nutritional benefit of onions is their ability to provide your body with sulfur. Sulfur has many incredible uses, including aiding in tooth remineralization and improving hair growth!

Health Benefits of Eating Onions

Onions are a healthy and tasty addition to any dish. They have many benefits, including the ability to prevent cancer by fighting viral activity in our bodies!

Recent studies have shown that eating onions may help boost the body’s immune system. If you want to give your Immune System a helping hand, then eating one or two raw onion rings per day is probably better than stuffing them in socks! Eating veggies like most other foods can do wonders for keeping us healthy and feeling strong on all levels of life: mentally as well as physically.”

Final Words

“Sock therapy is a great way to get the blood flowing, remove germs and bacteria from your feet, eliminate toxins. It also helps relieve symptoms of colds or flu!”

Give this therapy a try! It’s not just about the benefits. You have nothing to lose by giving it an honest go and you’ll be surprised how much your feet will thank you for taking care of them in such a special way, especially if they haven’t been getting enough love lately due to work or other commitments.