What is Negative Self-Talk? and How to deal with negative self talk?

What is Negative Self-Talk?

Negative self-talk is a way for people to cope with their experiences and cope with their stress. It can often be associated with poor mood. That can make people feel better, but if people feel sad and depressed they may feel worse after.

People who have negative self-talk will often put things out of their control, because they can’t let it go. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed by their emotions, and not feeling like themselves. They often feel they can’t control their situation, and can even feel that their relationships don’t work properly because they are too self-critical or angry.

The main cause of negative self-talk seems to be that people are afraid or ashamed of feeling bad. If they feel ashamed, then they don’t want to take responsibility for what happened to them.

How to Stop Negative Self-Talk

When you’re feeling sad, it’s very difficult to get rid of your negative self talk loops. Most of the persons who are diagnosed with anxiety and depression have found that if they simply reduce their negative thoughts and feelings, they can move on from the discomfort and pain of what it’s like to suffer from anxiety and depression. In my experience, when you get rid of negative thoughts you will be able to be less anxious.

The best way to minimize negative thoughts is to use a simple strategy. When you make the decision to think negative thoughts, you’re doing one thing – which is to take one step away from your goal. You’re not going to take one step back. You’re going to have to take another step that you can use in the rest of your work day. To avoid making another step back in the future, you have to make sure you do one thing: think positive thoughts.

If you can think positive, positive thoughts that can create a positive change in your life, you can do a lot of positive things. There are several ways to reduce negative thoughts and negative self-talk:

Here are 6 tricks to stop negative self-talk :

1. Breathe

When you start going in a negative direction it’s natural to go into overdrive and become more agitated, so it’s helpful to hold your breath in an effort to calm yourself. Breathe by holding your breath, not by breathing. Your brain has to know you’re going to hold your breath, and for some people that’s a little scary. 

Exhale and feel a sense of bliss.

“How do I get out of bed in the morning?”

“How do I eat my lunch when I’m at work?”

“What will I eat when I leave for work after work?”

“How much money can I afford before my parents throw me out?”

“How quickly can I clean this dirty apartment?”

Then, begin to breathe deeply, even though you’re already deeply contented.

Repeat the above three breath cycles in a way that allows you to feel relaxed, but also creates space for deeper thinking.

2. Acknowledge It

The first step that comes naturally is acknowledging negative things you’ve done or said. Your friends and colleagues may laugh at you when you admit you were wrong, but it’s easier to simply acknowledge the damage in front of someone else.

“Sorry to bother you and keep you waiting,” someone you love who is also an executive may say. “Just want to say thank you for the great job you have done here.”

By acknowledging the damage that you’ve done or that someone else’s done, you’re acknowledging that things are more than we thought or believed they were. By not fighting or blaming, you’re making the decision for yourself to stop the cycle.

3.Stop Expecting Perfection:

Don’t expect perfect; expect better. This is especially important if you know you are falling short in some way.It’s often easier to try not expecting perfection than to do that which needs to be done. If you’ve failed to make great progress in the past, you are in desperate need of a break. 

4. Surround Yourself With Positivity:

Positivity is the power that can be created within us. The power that brings us true happiness. The power that heals us when we’re hurting, when we need love and connection. What better place for this to happen than at home?

When you are feeling down, raise yourself up. When you are feeling bad, lift yourself up and have a good laugh. When you are feeling happy you are also happier. When you are feeling happy, share a smile with another friend.

A healthy mind is the mind that can take things seriously and hold onto them throughout life. In the same way, someone who thinks, talks, and acts in a positive way, takes their thoughts seriously and understands the importance of them in their life

5.Build A Routine :

The most effective way to get rid of negative thoughts is to create a routine that supports healthy mental growth and increases positive behavior. If you can keep a positive activity up every day, with the goal of building your brain’s positive muscles, you will improve your ability to manage your thoughts and improve the way you think.

It might be difficult at first to make a new habit, but remember, it’s the simple steps you follow at the beginning that get you in the habit of doing it successfully.

6 . Do Something Nice For Someone:

One of the fastest ways to feel better about yourself and to produce instant positivity is to do something nice for someone.

It’s not just a matter of spending money, buying someone a meal, or buying someone a book. This isn’t the goal of the act; it’s a way to connect in a meaningful way and to be inspired.

The act itself is also more than just a form of shopping.

This activity is something that you can do anytime anywhere. It’s not limited to the day. A lot of people think that getting together for a cup of tea at the office is some special form of socializing. This is a fallacy because you’re not actually spending money, you’re just using the occasion to connect with people.

Final thoughts:

Being positive is good for you. Positive thinking is not as effective as pessimistic thinking.

If you’re worried that you’re not able to think positive thoughts, don’t be! Try them out. There’s no shame in thinking positive thoughts. It will feel wonderful, and you’ll be glad you tried.