Find out if you are boring or not?

Do you ever wonder how people feel when they are around you? Fun or boring…. Fun means different from a lot of people. But in one line we can say interesting personalities have magic when anybody around them couldn’t help but in a good mood.

Boring always does not describe as you only enjoy your company or slow music or reading some books.

Boring can describe as being boring is not always about how you are as a person, it’s about how you present yourself to others.

Interesting peoples have exciting personalities, they describe their selves like they are always ready to explore the world. And this energy radiates outward.

Here I am going to spot some differences between boring people and interesting people and you will easily find out who you are among one of them.

Interesting people VS Boring People

1. Interesting people like to have a conversation and boring people like to avoid them:

Communication has a primary material which we say a word. Words also define the personality using the right word at the right time makes you interesting. The face gesture also gives acceleration to the words you are saying. A dull and a fat face cannot convey their sentence properly and they look like an uninteresting as they are shy, or they want people around. On the other hand, interesting people have a shiny and bright face with grace in their words. They enhance their conversation through their way of talking. So, it’s ok to talk with someone new

2. Boring people enjoy too much their comfort zone:

If all love to be in our comfort zone,but not always try to stay within the boundaries. In my opinion, a comfort zone is good for one thing and one thing only, knowing what needs to be done to leave it in order to start  You know how to live in a comfortable life do the exact opposite to explore something something

3. Interesting people have several hobbies and boring people have one hobby

Being interesting involves more than having something that you enjoy doing and enjoy talking about. If you have one hobby, especially if it is one that most people don’t share then people will find you boring. It’s not bad to have passionate about one thing. But one should be stuck on it. Explore your own interests and hit the two or more different hobbies.

4. Interesting people have a hunger for life; boring people are content with a frozen dinner:

Interesting people embrace change. They want variety. Life is full of life if you live it as you know how to live life. Boring personnel have a fear of changes which cause stagnant and labelled as boring. If you don’t learn to enjoy change, then you will not explore life. Stop eating the same food, hang out with the same people same the places it makes you boring. Make a new friends, explore new places and eat like wild.

5. Interesting people are dreamers, boring people are posers:

If you don’t dream, you can’t achieve your life goals. Dreams give you a push to go ahead and live a wonderful life. People enjoy the company of dreamers with the strong potential to mean their dreams. Our minds can be our most interesting playground as long as we spend enough time focusing on that which presents itself among the swing sets and sandboxes. Picture what you want and what you want to do in your future.

3 principles you can use to be an interesting person rather than a boring person:

1. Be interested to be interesting: 

Be interested in a person you are talking to by observing their views and then speak likewise. Listening is a master of interesting communication. Listen carefully so you can say something constructive about it. Pay attention to your surroundings and have a look at a person around you so, that you have a story of an occasion. Body language also effects keep it positive, so it will show a positive interest. When set meeting picks up a place which can have a break from the norm or interesting for the person whom you are going to meet or maybe choose a lively place. Interesting life comes from to be interested in your surrounding or doing stuff which is different from usual.

2. Display a sense of humor:

“Awdesh Singh” suggests developing a sense of humor in your interactions with others. “Learn to see the lighter side of the life,” he writes, “and develop a habit to be happy even in your failings.”

To be an interesting person shows you humor wisely. If you are on date research shows that: the girls more likely tend around to a funny guy possibly they seem more serious.

3. Be verbally attractive:

Verbal conversation is a normal scenario we face every day. To be a more interesting people you should make your conversation attractive.

Try the following tips to make your verbal communication attractive:

  • Ask questions about what they find important
  • Ask who and how or what and when then gives a push to their ideas a step ahead.
  • Commit to total I’m totally calling you out on your fake trip to the bathroom, pretending to check your very important email or looking over their head as you talk to them to see who might be more interesting. Stop it! I promise, engaging will make you both interested and interesting.

Boring kills to date, social networking and sales. A boring person cannot even achieve the goal they set for their life. There should be a craving for life. Enjoy every moment if you are an interesting person you can easily make your surroundings fun. Attractive verbal and non-verbal communication makes you a deeper person. Interesting people are a sharper too. So check out if you find yourself a boring personal then have a look of the above mentioned principle to make your personality attractive.